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Topic: NLP Solved?

The Transcoder
posted 4/17/2015  03:32Reply with quote
So, I managed to come up with a crappy word/POS parser/tokenizer. I don't even know what to call it. But here is what it does.

1) Loads in string of text from a "corpus" file or user input (or maybe both at once?).
2) For every POS tag it builds a syntax structure for the sentence (yes including symbols)
A) So "I am...happy" is WAY different than "I am happy."
B) "I/noun,am/verb?,.../tri-period,happy/verb?" or something like this
3) It then would somehow associate the words to the POS tags.
A) So I could be "I" or the roman numeral, but listed as seperate in the DB regardless

I know that syntax structure is an important part (especially in my case, as I deal with text input only) to NLP. But what uses could this algorithm have? You can be overly cynical if you want to be, I do NOT care at all. I think it's crappy anyway, but I still gravitate towards it for some reason.

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