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Topic: Stepping on the rake

posted 8/4/2014  10:53Send e-mail to userReply with quote
This post was written in the Jeremy Duncan style, so i hope that he will contribute to this new theoretical concept.

When one steps on a rake, the rake hits back. This is because we created a connection, and the connection works both ways. So the change we caused, most likely propagates by that connection. And the rake keeps its integrity, so instead of we damaging it, it damages us, thus preventing any further influence from us. Thus something working against the change is often caused by that something defending itself against too much influence, for keeping its integrity. So this general principle applies everywhere in the reality.

Others are welcome to contribute too.

posted 11/7/2014  19:26Reply with quote
Any universe with life in it such as ours dependent on obtaining it's needs from matter and having a form to protect would have to be so constructed.However, the story of Eden presents the possibility of another reality when materialism does not-hence the old alchemist stated 'Nature unaided fails'. Matter left to itself to set the laws of reality creates such a hell where rakes smash heads.

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posted 11/7/2014  23:06Send e-mail to userReply with quote
The laws of reality come from the most fundamental. The rest without the most fundamental certainly fails, except that then it even cannot exist. This alchemist likely knew only the rest.

Like who doesn't understand the human nature, that's the end. Because it's ignoring the fundamental, and the things then don't work in the desired way.

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