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Topic: Accepting

posted 7/15/2014  19:06Send e-mail to userReply with quote
We used to accept. We have to accept a lot, like most of what is necessary for one to do ones job, is accepting a huge number of things. We learn, the desired outcome of our learning is accepting some theories, or historie. That things really happened the said way. So we are used to think that a good outcome of every thinking, is accepting, and thus we try to achieve that outcome every time. We have become like genetic algorithms with a fixed goal to accept.

Or when we have to choose between two products, both of which are rubbish. We think we are smart when we choose one of them. We live in a consumer society, thus we are not supposed to create anything new, all our creativity is restricted to choosing from what is offered. Thus accepting is the skill which enables people to survive, they consider it the most important, and apply it whenever possible. And after they apply it, they find many excuses to justify that their decision was right, because they cannot live with knowing that they made a mistake.

This is why even the right knowledge does not change anything. Even when we know it, we additionally start to find ways to accept, and that accepting causes us to deny that knowledge. We are kindly offered ways which help us in that accepting, like thinking that someone who said differently, is not competent. Not competent is only a qualifying opinion, so that by itself needs no evidence.

Therefore, we are trapped into something which does not depend on us.

Thank you for your attention.

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