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Topic: AI Communication Interface Challenge

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Hello All

This forum is a very pleasant surprise; I have been looking for a place to engage software engineers and scientists on a specific topic for a special project. I have a project which requires someone who is an expert in AI and understands the fundamentals of human communication to such a degree that they can teach a computer to communicate and more importantly converse like a human. Now I know this task seems daunting to most, but I need someone who understands the underline simple principles involved which allow humans to communication and converse. Iíll be the first one to admit that I am no expert in AI, thatís why I have come to you guys in hopes that I might find someone brave enough to take on the challenge, and not only take it on but bold enough to do it.

So what am I asking for, I need someone to create an algorithm which can learn how to communicate and hold a conversation on the level of an adult human. Now of course I donít expect the algorithm to be able to hold a conversation on all topics and there will be a very small finite subset of topics which all conversations with the algorithm will be bound. Bounding the subjects of the conversation should make the job a little easier.

I want the voice to be ďhumanĒ like and therefore the algorithm needs to be able to learn how to mimic human ascents, tones, and reflections. Now when I say human like, I mean something similar to the Siri algorithm created by Apple. In fact you can think of this algorithm as smaller (smarter) encapsulated version of Siri, one which is capable of holding conversations only around a few very specific topics, and on those topics it should have the ability to converse intelligently. Iíll stop here to gage the amount of interest I have.

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You might take a look at...

 AI Mind discussion at Chatbots.Org

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Thanks, I'll post on that forum!

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Human communication is about understanding, that is about how things are associated.

I'm glad that you want that system to be restricted, i'm glad you realized that which many don't. This may make that system possible.

If Eliza was possible, restricted to psychoanalyst knowledge, then systems restricted to other fields of knowledge should be possible too. Talking with such system may be strange though, as it would interpret everything you say as if you were saying something about that field. Like if you say to a hotel reservation system that moon is full, it would say there are other hotels which are not full. So if people get used to such strangeness, some kind of such systems may even be useful. no way would they perceived to be intelligent though, so this is too not exactly artificial intelligence, just natural language processing.

Think what is the exact field where it shall be used. Think what the core of it should be, so that it can be extended. Start from simple, then extend.

 Artificial Consciousness ADS-AC project
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