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Topic: Short Questionnaire on Can machines think?

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Much appreciated!

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OK, i reply here. I cannot fill forms which lack options to reply the way i want, the results of such questionnaires can only be wrong or misleading. In fact none of these questions can be answered yes or no or i don't know, because they are not asked in the way that such answers can be given.

1. Do you think machines can think?

I cannot reply yes or no to the questions which use obscure terms. Machines can have Artificial Consciousness, this corresponds to some definition of think, so by that the answer is yes.

2. If an artificial brain was created, do you think the brain would have its own mind?

No one can ever find it out and finding it out is not important. Artificial brain is an obscure term as well, if by that is meant a copied structure of the brain with neurons implementing some simple functions, then the answer is definitely no. But if by artificial brain is meant a system capable of implementing Artificial Consciousness, then such artificial brain would have Artificial Consciousness.

3. Can you generate a definition of what thinking is?

Thinking is a too obscure term and can mean many things. All a machine can have is Artificial Consciousness.

4. Do you think the brain is a machine?

Here again, machine is an obscure term, it's better not to use such terms. Machine in a conventional sense is something which works by pre-determined rules. By that, brain is not a machine.

5. Do you think the Turing Test is a suitable method to support whether a machine can think?

Here again, Turing Test is an obscure term. It can mean what Turing originally meant by that test, which though he didn't even well define as his paper was meant to be only preliminary. Turing's original idea included finding out something about the system itself, which such test must include, but this has been ignored in later interpretations. But its established meaning is how it is usually interpreted such as in the Loebner prize rules.

So the correct answer is no, certainly not. Such test does not correspond to the scientific method and thus cannot be used as a test anyhow in science.

 Artificial Consciousness ADS-AC project
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Of course machines can think. See the link below for the Main Loop of the Mentifex AI Minds that think in English, German or Russian.

 Main Loop of the thinking AI Mind Modules
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