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Topic: Could I interest you in a conscious laptop?

posted 1/13/2012  20:09Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Conscious in the fullest sense of the word.

Would you want one? What would you do with it? Would you ask it to help you do useful things for you while you sleep? Would you ask it to keep working while you're awake? Would you expect it to be your slave or would you try to respect it as an equal?

Those questions were just for fun. The reason I ask is that I'd like to test the water to see what people think about the prospect of joining me in making a laptop conscious.

Why a laptop? Well, it's portable and tends to have comparable processing power and memory capabilities to most PCs. Most importantly though, an AI needs to have a definable "body" that it can become aware of when it refers to itself. For human convenience it would be more familiar to define a body that isn't too abstract (like multiple conjoined servers or a PHP script on a website). It would be nicer to have a fully actuated and sensory humanoid robot but that's very expensive and time-comsuming to build, plus the main objective is to create consciousness. It's best to minimise any possible time-wasting, so a laptop is a nice and simple solution.

So how would a laptop act like a body? Well, we can use the keyboard as a simple sensory input. If you press and hold a key for too long it would start to become painful to it. Pain is essential so that it quickly finds its body important. It also needs to be able to produce outputs to interact with the world. For that we have a screen and speakers. There's one more missing piece though. It needs to have a way of sensing its own outputs to give it live feedback about its actions, so that it can correct its behaviour as the situation changes. For that we would need a webcam that can see the screen and keyboard. That's everything! With that we could create a being that we would be able to recognise as conscious. We could have simplified things further, but this is what's necessary to make a conscious being that we could really relate to as human beings. Skynet isn't very user friendly. How would one talk to it? How would one teach it a language like we teach children a language? It would be easier for us to recognise consciousness if we could interact with it. For practical purposes, we also need to find it easy to interact with or else we won't bother.

I've been researching and thinking about neuroscience, artificial intelligence and consciousness for the past 8 years. I feel like I know what direction needs to be followed to arrive at a fully conscious program (I say a program because a program is the simplest, although the crudest, possible approximation of the ideal neural-network-like hardware. However, using anything other than a program would be too time-consuming and expensive for the sake of just proving that it works as intended. All of physics can be simulated on a computer, therefore all of the mind can too. I'm looking for a simpler method than a full simulation though).

If anyone is aware of an ongoing project that's similar enough to my suggestion then please let me know! Otherwise I'd like to add that I know the task ahead will be time-consuming and will involve a lot more learning and re-thinking on my part. For that reason I appreciate the necessity to have other people work with me towards the same goal. I'll be able to see the completion of the project in a much more reasonable timescale, then maybe go on to make some serious money from the endevour! In that respect then I'm also interested in a business partner. Let's not get ahead of ourselves though. First, let's test the water as I said....

Would anyone be interested in downloading Qwerty 1.0?

Bring on the comments.

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posted 1/14/2012  02:42Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Why not a conscious teapot instead? You know, thermostat is already conscious by Chalmers so put all that smartness together.

I would kindly invite p-frap and will-i-dream to join this thread, this is for you, i'm incompetent. Arthur i guess doesn't want to come.

posted 1/14/2012  21:06Send e-mail to userReply with quote
tkorrovi wrote @ 1/14/2012 2:42:00 AM:
[...] Arthur i guess doesn't want to come.

Arthur is extremely busy coding -- artificial intelligence in Russian. It will be the best thing since sliced caviar.

 Parsing Russian Verb-Endings for artificial intelligence in Russian

posted 1/14/2012  21:57Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Arthur, do you know what the Russians mean when they say "tak ne bővajet"? It's something like, it cannot be so, but it is so. This is what i quite often want to say.

 Artificial Consciousness ADS-AC project

posted 1/14/2012  23:25Send e-mail to userReply with quote
tkorrovi wrote @ 1/14/2012 9:57:00 PM:
Arthur, do you know what the Russians mean when they say "tak ne bővajet"? [...]

To me the Russian sounds like, "It does not happen so." Meanwhile, coding a Russian-language AI is much more fun and enjoyable than I ever thought it would be.

 artificial intelligence in Russian

posted 1/15/2012  22:20Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Most people wouldn't be jumping for joy if you promised them a pet then handed over a thermostat. They might find some use for a teapot though after their disappointment subsides....

Thanks for the website links. I read all of it. I wasn't impressed and I have found those sites before but I am grateful, thanks.

How well does this website do for traffic these days? I used to use it quite often.

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