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Topic: Methods of learning chat bots.

posted 7/26/2010  05:32Send e-mail to userReply with quote
This Topic is about how chat bots can learn via the internet.

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Perhaps you should begin with your own opinions/experiences/insights.

posted 11/22/2010  05:28Reply with quote
lol well chatbots can successfully use the internet to gain information the problem is it can be a gruelingly longgggg process waiting for a program to find answers to a problem on the internet i found a solution was to allow the bot to stay running 24/7 at times of low user input/idle the bot would go into a form of "self teaching" by searching the internet for answers to a list of saved questions..(hardcode a list of criteria for a subject "description, definition, examples, and so on") then during use the bot can reflect what it's learned and gain feedback from the users as to weather or not the data is correct. this (if done correctly) could lead to a much faster rate of learning for the bot as it uses downtime to learn as well as uptime to verify what it learned and implement it

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