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Topic: Language alters how we think

posted 6/16/2010  12:36Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Linguist Guy Deutscher argues that in our haste to explain language in terms of genetics we've underestimated the power of culture.

 Language alters how we think
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posted 9/5/2010  11:01Send e-mail to userReply with quote
I am not convinced. Probably more research may yield convincing results.


posted 9/8/2010  01:30Reply with quote
Neat article! I imagine a focused and well-designed study on multilingual children (especially who have learned languages from different language families) compared to monolingual children would add an interesting angle to Guy Deutscher's ideas.

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Yes, yet children talking different languages can quite quickly understand each other when being together for some time.

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Heck, adults can do that too in fully immersive environments. They just get more cranky because they're used to being able to communicate at a high level right away. Children (especially very young children) aren't.

posted 10/19/2010  02:59Send e-mail to userReply with quote
@ Hunt -
Solid point

@ Everyone -
It has always been my personal belief that genetics has very little to do with language. Lingual communication seems more like a library of references compiled by generations of people trying to problem solve. Or in other words, language wasn't inherently born with the first person of the human species.

The variance throughout a set languages seems more a symbol of the similarities and differences within the human experience. Which is more a factor of nurture than nature.

But, perhaps language is a tool that I would egotistically prefer to have been invented by my fore-bearers; rather than a gift from the ingenuity of natural evolution.

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