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Topic: uncleared basics

The Persian
posted 3/15/2009  18:39Send e-mail to userReply with quote
I think these words have been taken very lightly and being used loosely-AI-Language-Conscience-talent-skills-thought etc.
I am sure the biomedical research is moving fast to solve some of the basic functions and answer to what actually these words mean in real time physical world of Brain.
So my request is let us first define these words based on their real-physical meanings and then move on.

posted 3/29/2009  15:55Send e-mail to userReply with quote
In other words, a "Constructivist" approach?

posted 4/16/2009  03:01Reply with quote
lordjakian wrote @ 3/29/2009 3:55:00 PM:
In other words, a "Constructivist" approach?

Lord, you haven't forsaken us, still around. He'll need about 10 years of deconstructivist approaches if he's to get past the ever popular basket of illusions that pepper his post. To simplify, consciousness is a user illusion, nothing does the sensing, the belief in consciousness is just another inert functional component of machine, everything in the universe is physical, must be so to in any way interact. All matter is causally determined, hence so are humans and the sentience they mistakenly think they have.
Seriously Lord, how's the work going. Just re-read one of your old posts, where you say, 'if you can remember something important that you've apparently lost through deterministic deconstruction, then it's still there. Useful to me that is. As we speak i'm trying to indumbnify myself by crowding out the 'illusion of consciousness' part of my brain and replacing it with mindless, but more practical 'doing stuff' material. Have you managed to get any further along with the neurotech/brainzipping network type stuff?
cheers, Nick.

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