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Topic: How to begin programming a self learning bot

posted 6/10/2017  17:43Send e-mail to userReply with quote

Just registered freshly and want to sent a heartly HELLO to all people here.

I am a young starter at C++ coding but proceed rather well through the topic. As a focus i want to set myself natural speech processing/deep learning/AI later.

I am interested in a wide field of sciences from philosophy, physics, music (also playing myself piano) etc and seeing that AI is an intersection of many knowledge fields, I want to settle there. "Truth" may be somehow a composition of all those different perspectives onto beauty of cosm.

Knowing that I have to consume still tons of fresh knowledge I may ask: Where do I start at best not too loose too much time wandering into the wrong directions.

To be fluent in C++ (and maybe further machine languages) is mandatory.
But what about machine learning, math/stochastic, logic, creating clever algorithms for language processing and so on?

How did you guys start out there? I am aware this is a process that can take decades and I am ready to invest that time as i really burn for that...

Hope to hear from you!

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