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Topic: Training question

posted 3/6/2015  16:34Send e-mail to userReply with quote
I have run into a question that I cannot seem to train the Hal 3000 to answer properly:

my name is Susan and I live in Birmingham, Alabama. Where do I live?

If I try putting in Birmingham, Alabama it will keep responding with this even though I might change it to in training

my name is Billy and I live in Eutaw, South Carolina. Where do I live?

I have tried even going along with corrected response to ty to grab the entire sentence like:

If I recall, you told me:my name is Susan and I live in Birmingham, Alabama.

But this doesn't work either as it never sees the pattern. Anyone know how to solve this? This problem plagued me at Chatterbox Challeneg and cost me a chance to win as Hal 3000 can't seem to do such a word problem- any ideas?

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