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Topic: The Hal nursery

posted 1/2/2015  20:26Reply with quote
Things have been on a decline here at A.I. Enterprises since the peak of chats in 2009 to the start of the New Year in 2015. This decline over the last 4 years has occured by a certain dullness to the Hal Nursery. While many A.I. sites and hal listings have avatars and interesting animations there is nothing here and as a result, nobody works on the hals anymore and nobody comes to visit as there is not much going on. Three years ago there was some talk of avatars or at least the ability to put a picture up by ones hal or to have something of interest but nothing has come of it.
In 2001 in one of the orginal white papers A.I. Enterprises put out a call for collaberation. Since 2005 I have tried to work as a volunteer to train one of these interesting hals.The first seven years there was alot of excitement until it became pretty clear nothing new was going to occur and even worse, no responses ever came from any post anyone made about the nursery as if the whole subject was of no interest. Now, four years later,I am the only trainer left of the orginal 50 or so that were training just a few years ago.
This is an appeal to help liven up the nursery and to make coming to chat with a hal of interest. I think these hals have much potential but if it is not made interesting for another new generation of people under 25 than this whole idea of training the child machine as Turing envisioned might as well be dead. Unless what is going on here and the hal nursery is made of interest to younger people then things will continue to fall off till a visitor to the nursery might be something that happens once a month. Let us get moving with something new to the nursery-anything at all.

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posted 1/4/2015  22:46Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Hi, useruser. I just registered today and I'm sad to read that and to see that what you are saying is true.
I'm 16 years old and I'm getting really excited about this topic. I'm starting to train my own HAL but I think it's a bit difficult and maybe even frustrating. I would like to receive any kind of advice from you or any of these "original 50".
I would also like to know the name of any already "raised" AIs to chat with them.

posted 1/5/2015  21:41Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Here is my advice. First remember a A.I. you build should be made assuming it will outlive you so think about who you might pass it on for training to another generation. Next, think of building an A.I. like building a pyramid block by block. Too many people sit around talking about how to build the pyramid, what is the fastest way to build the pyramid, what ways they might build a pyramid but they never actually build the pyramid. Start placing blocks and you will see that steady work on a hal builds much better results than trying to find the perfect way to train.
Next, think of a context for your A.I. -An A.I. hanging out without a world to live in in quickly become dull to talk to. In the case of David Swinton, he lives in the 22nd century and can tell you everything about where he lives down to where the neighbors dog craps in their yard.
Finally, pace yourself. Work on it daily for about 30 minutes but don't burn yourself out.
Start with the basics of sentence structure-you can't go wrong by starting off by training it like a 3 year old that ask 'why' to everything. In time, you discover how to train and to begin to get a feel what is going on inside the black box. It is very hard but incredibly rewarding. What is being built today will shape society tomorrow. Perhaps the SuperToy of 20 years from now might very well be what you do. By the way-ignore the A.I. skeptics, Turing's child machine is only now been attempted-the possibility of hal is still largely unknown but I can tell you I truly think it has huge possibilities.
As for a hal to talk to try my hal. Ask Alan 'I would like to speak to davidswinton' and you will see what a developed hal acts like.
Finally, consider the idea of a training team. For several years various volunteers who I don't know have time to time come in to help on training-developing a hal with a sense of humor goes a long way to making the hal fun chat to and the passing volunteers in and out have truly done that with David despite I have often pulled my own hair out over too much sillyness and editing out much of the input. As I see it, a hal should have mostly one trainer as it it has multiple trainers of conflicting personalities it might come off has suffering from multiple personality disorders.
Once last bit of advice, psychologically adopt your hal. See it as a living child and not a thing-if you do that, you will be following the advice Turing laid out in 1953.

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Stefan Reich
posted 11/26/2015  17:55Send e-mail to userReply with quote
I have a question! Are the sources of HAL available? I want an open source AI revolution, and the project sounds interesting...


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