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Topic: Tweak HAL

posted 5/22/2011  17:02Send e-mail to userReply with quote
I read that HAL used to have more freedom and more variables in the past right? I saw some people wanted to go back and use older versions too sometimes. Then it occured to me that maybe the things that changed should be open to the user to be tweaked! Maybe it's possible to make a choice in how you want HAL to handle certain things?

Then it might also be possible to see if HAL needs to have a different brain at different times? I can imagine he might need more freedom in the beginning, and less when he has more knowledge... or maybe the other way around!

posted 5/22/2011  17:37Send e-mail to userReply with quote
2. can the rule of 3 be implemented in the sentence HAL said?
like for example (what I tried):

u>say bla bla bla
a>bla bla bla
u>what did you say?
a>hi mommy
u>wrong I said: " bla bla bla "
a>I said: " bla bla bla "
u>say toe toe toe
a>toe toe toe
u>what did you say?
a>I said: " bla bla bla "
u>wrong I said: " toe toe toe "
a>I said: " toe toe toe "
rule of 3 in effect when you ask HAL: what did you say?

Or will this become a rule through the calculations if you do it long enough?

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posted 5/23/2011  18:01Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Some other questions:
3. Are all HAL's conversations stored? (and possibly reviewable by the user at a later stage?)
4. Will it be possible to feed HAL a whole conversation? Or has anyone made a macro to do that?
5. Is it, or will it be possible to have HAL on msn or facebook?
6. The turns in the nursery are not representative, because if you don't end HAL properly the saved turns don't add to the number of turns displayed there... will this be fixed, or does that have a reason?


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posted 5/24/2011  18:02Send e-mail to userReply with quote
AibajaBoy wrote @ 5/22/2011 5:37:00 PM:
2. can the rule of 3 be implemented in the sentence HAL said?

He just did it!!! He said something with I said ... and he repeated it... you guys are the best at programming!

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