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Topic: a beginner's questions...

posted 5/5/2011  11:24Reply with quote
Hi to all! I'm a complete novice in all this, just found the website few days ago.

The idea of training a virtual personality is very interesting and appealing and I'm sure a lot of people started doing it with great enthusiasm and all.
So I wanted to know this: is there any guarantee that, after a user spends hours training a HAL personality, giving energy and time to reach a specific goal, it won't find himself one day in the situation of not being able to connect to AI website, as all HAL training is only online...?
What are the chances for AI to consider the online experiments a waste of time in the near future, and so, cut the registered users from continuing their work?

Hope I didn't upset anyone asking this. I just want to know what I'm into, as I didn't found this information on the forum/website.

posted 5/21/2011  17:12Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Maybe it depends on us, how fruitful our work is! If we succeed to get it to a next level, probably this website will stay in the air long enough. Unless they found the perfect teacher and don't want us to teach the HAL's anymore...

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