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Topic: MiB0T personal online ciyber robot (Promise I didn't copy!! just found this today and fits perfect)

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What a world and to think I used to feel I was born to soon! :D This is so great its like it was meant to be! The MiB0T personal ciyber robot is built with a juggling V.R. Operating System ( see and builds upon the existing avatar/icon framework. If you notice, with all the advances in Operating Systems and programs, interaction has remained in the classic framed win 2d style boxes. MiB0T sophistication extends perception into ciyber (intentional "i") space with a simple meld and push of existential existence outside our world into the ciyber world. This creates needed separation for mutual learning and produces a real VI and the first benefit that comes to mind and is obvious, is the constant connectivity inherited in MiB0T's existence. MiB0T lives in that world and as a fish out of water would perish MiB0T anywhere out of ciyber space if not in a capsule would perish. As of now all of our PC's and devices due to batteries and power remain unconnected for significant periods of time. This causes security issues and poor information harmony in ciyber space . MiB0T as your personal ciyber robot will not be unconnected and is your insider able to keep ciyber space and your devices harmonised. If you have interest, Can the MiB0T project Join and integrate a personality, of your choice and of course you own developed as you do now the personality needed to complete this MiB0T VI robot existence?

Thank you and Sincerely;
S.R Akira Devereaux

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