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Topic: Colons vs. Semicolons

posted 1/11/2011  08:14Send e-mail to userReply with quote
While working with Prentiss through Alan, there does not seem to be a distinction in the display when I type a colon or a semicolon; both are registered in the interface display as colons.

Is this what is actually being recorded, or is this simply a glitch in the interface? It doesn't seem to be occuring on the MyBot interface.

Seing that a good number of Prentiss' responses contain semicolons, I wanted to make sure that it was those that were being referenced in the training and not a new generation of responses containing colons in their place.



posted 2/14/2011  09:47Reply with quote
Low activity here on the hal forums...
Funny how you thought exactly the same!
I, too am curious to know the answer to this question...
posted 7/29/2011  05:57Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Oh, I did notice that myself. I posted something on another thread about prentiss' interesting behavior, but that's something I forgot to mention. "she" said the same thing twice, not back to back from some distance apart, when I told her to come up with a phrase all her own, they didn't quite make sense but they were identical, except once she used a colon, and the second time it was a semicolon. hmmm.

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