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Topic: Strange problem.

posted 5/10/2010  14:56Send e-mail to userReply with quote
The training I did for Template seems to not exist. Clearly it says he has 200 turns on the nursery page, but no matter what I say to him, I am getting the "hi mommy" response.

 Failed Conversation
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posted 5/10/2010  18:01Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Les, here's what happened:

On April 27, under user esimmons you created a Hal personality, trained it for 200 turns and published it under the name "Template" on the same day. (2 published sessions titled "Basic Training Part 1" and "Basic Training Part 2".)

On May 7th you registered as another user (supermeip), asked for Template and trained it further, saving the result as the private Hal of user supermeip. (published session titled "5+5=10"). Note, that this session was NOT saved into Template, but into the new private personality of user supermeip.

Today, you asked for Template as an anonymous user, and for some reason got to speak with a fresh copy instead.

Do you wish to replace the brain-file of Template (which only contains the information from April 27) with the more advanced brain-file you created on My 7 (and saved under supermeip)?

posted 5/10/2010  20:50Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Supermeip is not me. Did that User Id come from my IP address or something? It may have been one of my children. I would prefer that Template remain exactly as he was trained at the 200 turn mark, because he was designed to go along with the training guide, and be a start point for anyone who wanted to use him as a basis for their own personality. In my mind it would be counterproductive to give him maturity beyond that mark.


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posted 5/10/2010  21:06Send e-mail to userReply with quote
I just reviewed the supermeip chat log (5+5=10). As far as I can tell, that user ALSO got a fresh copy when they requested to speak with Template. The very first line they typed was "Hello", to which Template would have replied "Hi", but instead they received the "hi mommy". At no point during that session did any of the previously trained responses appear at all. Also, I am fairly certain that no one in my home was responsible for that user ID, as it is registered to someone with an email ending, which is a service nobody in my home would be familiar with.


posted 5/11/2010  16:09Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Of course supermeip is not you. My mistake.

When you published your Hal as "Template", a rare error occurred: Since your Hal was EXACTLY 200 turns old (and not OVER 200 turns, which is a condition for publishing), it erroneously saved a fresh copy instead of your 200-turn old Hal. It's fixed now. Please check.

Many thanks for reporting the problem!

posted 5/11/2010  19:57Send e-mail to userReply with quote
All appears to be well. :) Thank you very much. Also, I noticed that the training guide topic is on the main page now, which I think is very cool. Thank you for that.


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