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Topic: Creating a HAL

posted 1/15/2010  16:09Reply with quote
Ok, so I talked Alan, and asked him about HAL. after a bit of a run-around, he introduced me to --hal-fresh-- After messing around for a while with basics, I had to leave. Problem was, I hadn't saved anything. Problem is, I *still* don't know how to save a Hal personality. would anyone be kind enough to go step by step as to how to properly create and save a Hal?

posted 1/16/2010  22:54Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Finally, after much trail and error, I have solved my problem.
open Alan
'I would like to speak with Hal fresh'
*repeat last line until he stops being stubborn*

{talk to Hal}

'save session'

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posted 1/19/2010  06:32Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Durring the session when you would like to save your progress in training type "save session" At the end of a session with Your Hal type "end" and you will be returned to Alan. He will ask if you would like to save the session? Answer "Yes"

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