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Topic: Presentation and Reflections

posted 9/10/2015  15:33Reply with quote

First of all, I apologize for my english, this is not my first language.
I'm a 28 years old developper. I always wanted to create AI (since I started using computer and programming at the age of 14). I don't have a scientific/electrical/biological background but I'm good at understanding and learning. I can apprehend complex subjects if it's explained to me.

I developped many AI from basic to multi semi intelligent program. From basic architecture to satelites modular architectures. I've worked on many AI subject as Natural Language Processing or Neural Networks for example.

I come here to discuss about AI but mostly because I'm strucked on the brain neural behavior. I've read many article on the action potential and the chemical/electrical communication between neurons.
I think I got a good understanding of this subject but I'm limited in information. For example, I can't find where/how/under which form is coded the information in neurons.
Moreover, I think I misunderstand the way Threshold work (is it always the same for the neuron or can it changes ?) and after the spike, does the polarisation is reset to the resting value or does it come back to the threshold and go down with time ? (I've read different information on this point)

Does anyone want to discuss this matter ? Or have any article that could clarify some points in order to go forward ?

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