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Topic: Six Common Questions About Colon Cleansing

simssteph phanie
posted 6/3/2015  13:41Send e-mail to userReply with quote

Ten years ago I remember how much I feared the idea of doing a colon cleanse. So much so that I easily put up with the uncomfortable experiences of IBS. (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) I still refused to do a colon cleanse. I thought I was eating healthy, yet I still had terrible IBS. I finally did my first of several colon cleanse and am very thankful that I did. If you are on the fence about doing your first colon cleanse here are just a few of the questions I get from people new to the idea of colon cleansing. Hopefully, these answers will help you decide if a colon cleanse is right for you.

posted 6/3/2015  17:37Reply with quote
It is true the idea is still new but I was introduced to it at a early age growing up. Each Summer the garden hose came out and it was typical to see the neighbors using the low budget approach of using the hose and taking turns and finally finishing off with the family pets thought getting the cats done was always something of a challenge.

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