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Topic: Sword from the Spirit are in hot state

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So following this issue back to the most notable, developers and planners have had some serious discussions.Indeed, the limit Wan soul staffing standard one. Everyone weapons in their hand being a long one, can really not raise the enthusiasm with the players to upgrade equipment.A lot of people did start to feel the game is way too monotonous weapons systems, besides main weapon, few other weapons available. The highest point is similar for everyone.

From the prior to a sword on the Spirit dress out for many years was essentially the most anticipated games of honor. Hanbok won the President's Award. Various massive publicity sword spirit pushed looking at everybody.I can't help but think, precisely what is normal?A lot of people say we see today is for making a lot of money on the internet and not spend cash between different, the normal practice. Until lamlam this. Sword from the Spirit are in hot state. However, the situation has cropped up.Many people was the only real drawback is tucao, configuration requirements are extremely high, the optimization seriously isn't good enough. But that still does not stop the players wasteland passion on the game.After national service open test is amazing to. About the landscape, on music, about the fight flu, it truly is superior for runescape 2007 gold ( ) 's. 78jlmnq

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Someone ban these guys please. Or spam bots, but someone sure registered to give these bots access.

Only a few write in this forum, but thousands read. Look at the traffic, and you see. Maybe no one else knows that, but the spammers do.

This forum once allowed anonymous posting. But then there was spam. I suggested to use captcha, but some said, we use a more clever method. Registering. And now, the anonymous access is gone, but spam is still there.

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I really like how this contest has been going despite that I got beat early on. Alot of upsets here as bots clearly can show that just because you have the strongest bot doesn't gurantee victory nor does it mean a lesser bot cannot win. It does show that a totally unprepared bot has no chance to win though. All in all the cloest thing I have seen that resembles this are horse races. I have found the questions fair and well constructed.

Lily lara

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