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Topic: Chatbot use: Fuzzy String Search+Levenshtein distance & the tree graph

posted 11/4/2014  15:39Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Hello new member here!I want to make a chatbot.
For a minute I thought that for a chatbot I can use that Fuzzy string and distance for my searching algorithm to search the keywords then produce responses.
I want to ask am I doing the right thing if I use the Fuzzy String Search+ Levensthein distance to make an AI (chatbot)? Because, I browse many references on Internet and books which is AI use the searching algorithm like BFS, DFS, Hill Climbing, A*, etc. And none of them mention this Fuzzy string search and the distance. I look at the BFS, DFS, etc they has tree graphs. And I confused to make a tree graph from this Fuzzy and distance thing. Can I really make the tree graph for my Fuzzy String + Levensthein Distance?

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