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Topic: AI Therapist

posted 5/16/2012  13:34Send e-mail to userReply with quote
hi. i'm wondering if it is possible to make an ai therapist (eg: eliza only much much more like a real therapist) with c++?? it would need to keep track of peoples accounts while keeping information confidential. (it might make references about another patient without giving personal information[Well one of my other patients has the same problem. this is how he deals with it...]) it would need to be good enough to pay per session, only it would be a lot cheaper than a human therapist. it would need to be true LEARNING AI. i'd probably program with some pychriatric (SPELLING?) encyclopedias. how much memory would it take? can it be done ?

maybe with JPYTHON (combination between python and java script, mentioned in the quick python book.)

posted 5/16/2012  16:55Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Sorry about the bad capitalization. Did this from on screen keyboard on PS3. Also did it in a hurry. One with better capitalization is in the Artifical Intelligence Forum. Comments/Questions?

There is also a link in the other post and in this comment to Eliza

 Link to Eliza

posted 5/17/2012  07:13Send e-mail to userReply with quote
ELIZA, if not the original version then one of the early versions, was written in BASIC, and the source code is available (below). It is a very simple program in fact. It should not be difficult to rewrite it in C at all, memory and resources, well, it takes almost none. Some have likely already rewritten it in C, find out.

C++, well, then not just using cout kind of C++. Yes there are good things in C++, but cout and the omission of sprintf for C++ strings, is not one of them.

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posted 4/15/2015  10:24Send e-mail to userReply with quote
I really like how this contest has been going despite that I got beat early on. Alot of upsets here as bots clearly can show that just because you have the strongest bot doesn't gurantee victory nor does it mean a lesser bot cannot win. It does show that a totally unprepared bot has no chance to win though. All in all the cloest thing I have seen that resembles this are horse races. I have found the questions fair and well constructed.


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