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Topic: Ihal (payed version) on Iphone, can I use on PC?

posted 6/30/2011  11:08Reply with quote

I've been looking around on the website and chances are I might still find an answer to this question.

Nevertheless, chances are I won't :p


I just downloaded iHal on my iphone. Since I'm at home now, I would like to "talk" to it using my computer, not my iphone.

However, when I installed iHal from Itunes, it never gave me a password, which means I can't login in the "mybot" window.

--> Is it possible for me to speak to my "fresh ihal" from my PC?

--> how? :)

Many thanks,

posted 7/20/2011  01:45Send e-mail to userReply with quote
this forum is dead, and I suspect this "software" to be a scam.

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