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Topic: MyBot, iPhone, and UDID

posted 11/18/2010  05:00Send e-mail to userReply with quote
So I recently downloaded the app MyBot (free version), found the UDID of my device, and typed it in. However, my UDID was not recognized (and for any doubts If I indeed found my UDID, It is under the 'summary' tab in itunes once your iphone is selected) and I was forced to continue talking with Alan. I have recently made a MyBot on this site, if that proves to be of any use. So if anyone knows what to do for the app, that would be of great help.

posted 11/19/2010  13:18Send e-mail to userReply with quote
You can use the free MyBot for iPhone only to speak to a bot, not to train it. In order to train a bot on iPhone, you need to purchase MyBot Creator.

posted 11/29/2011  10:07Send e-mail to userReply with quote
what's the difference between mybot *creator and iHal

posted 10/6/2014  11:53Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Google search says MyBot is a conversational interface, a chat client which provides access to a family of virtual personalities, trained to speak and learn from a human trainer. iHal is something entirely different. I have downloaded MyBot for my iPhone.

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