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Topic: Looking for info, Probably Overdone but...

posted 11/23/2009  01:07Reply with quote

I'm looking for any possible information on chatbots, like how they work, how the code is developed, stuff like that. I know there are probably a million posts like this but wading through the other 99 million that are not is a hassle.

I suppose i should mention that i want to make my own AI, learn how things work and build up from there. AI is one of the things in life that really interests me.

Thank you in Advance

posted 11/23/2009  17:37Send e-mail to userReply with quote
There are no shortcuts. Study the site ( and the forums (

posted 11/23/2009  21:02Reply with quote
Ahh, I must apologize.

I think my earlier post may have come across differently than i intended, I get nervous when i post things as i dont do it often.

I'm not so much looking for shortcuts, rather im looking for resources, such as what language would be good to start with, and some basic principles that should be used. Having the code written FOR you, rather than BY you defeats the purpose of learning.

Again my apologies.

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