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Topic: pre_AGI

posted 12/3/2017  19:21Send e-mail to userReply with quote

AGI is about unsupervised learning. To do unsupervised leaning A) you look for repeating pattern in a stream of information. Such
as video and audio. Or B). Randomly create a detector then stick it in a information stream and see if it will detect anything.
If not then scramble it weights and try again. The idea is build up a large amount of detectors for a
first layer of a Neural Network.

The Next step is to look for repeating patterns in a data stream, by way of forecasting in a passive state. When all patterns
have been found then the AGI outputs, by way of motors, in hopes of finding more pattern or improving existing patterns.
When this phase is finished, all hand, arm, leg, and all other personal body movement patterns well have been learned.

Next is the movement relative to others.

In this step the AGi uses a internal 3 D internal simulator to learn of "self" and "other" or self aware.

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