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Topic: AGI Main Memory

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The Center point for the AGI memory is cyclical graph theory map:

Temporal time is linear. But the AGI mind uses illusion of repeating pattern. Also known as lossy temporal data
The focus pointer track the paths from node to edges to nodes. This memory model needs the support 3 other memory
models to work. the fist is raw memory. The third is recurrent memory. The forth is constructor memory.

Repeating pattern found in raw memory are moved to the second memory of cyclical memory.
Cyclical memory is a like a race track. One can lose track on how may time you go around a track. So that is where
recurrent memory come in. It is a small memory that record only first hundred laps around a loop. FIFO memory.

The first memory, raw memory, is much lager and it is FIFO memory. First in data and first data to be dump out.
So before the data is lost something should be done with it.

The fourth memory is the constructor and predictor memory. Focus pointer build the future form cyclic memory. And also
from the help of the sixth memory of simulator memory.

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Cyclical Graph Theory model:

 cyclical graph theory model
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