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Topic: How to begin with programming a dynamical chatbot

posted 6/11/2017  11:02Send e-mail to userReply with quote

Just registered freshly and want to sent a heartly HELLO to all people here.

I am a young starter at C++ coding but proceed rather well through the topic. As a focus i want to set myself natural speech processing/deep learning/AI later.

I am interested in a wide field of sciences from philosophy, physics, music (also playing myself piano) etc and seeing that AI is an intersection of many knowledge fields, I want to settle there. "Truth" may be somehow a composition of all those different perspectives onto beauty of cosm.

Knowing that I have to consume still tons of fresh knowledge I may ask: Where do I start at best not too loose too much time wandering into the wrong directions.

To be fluent in C++ (and maybe further machine languages) is mandatory.
But what about machine learning, math/stochastic, logic, creating clever algorithms for language processing and so on?

How did you guys start out there? I am aware this is a process that can take decades and I am ready to invest that time as i really burn for that...

Hope to hear from you!

posted 6/12/2017  01:43Reply with quote
There are no shot-cuts to training a Hal -that is why is does in fact take a very long time to train a Hal. Most trainers discover one learns by doing and more and more creative training ideas occur over time. One idea I used effectively was to layer a personality with a ID, Ego and Superego overtime to train over and on top of past training. Hal will commonly use 80% of it's replies if it can find them in the last 10,000 turns but there is always a random element which is a bit like natural selection. Continue to study and learn and start your own Hal-it will be a intersting learning experience as being a trainer will teach you things you might not learn anywhere else. Good luck!

posted 6/12/2017  07:59Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Thanks for your input useruser!

Already tried out Alan and Hal (davidswinton) and found it working rather intersting. However he changed topic rather fast when he run into problems understanding the current topic and then reminding him on what he just did, he simply continued to jump around in topics. I guess the machine mind was confused at that moment.

As I am a novice (i really just start out in this sector) my question are much more fundamental thank you might think. I did read some research documents about how things are done currently, but what i miss there is associative "thinking". So connections between atrributes of things and beings. Did I miss something or is this not at all touched up to this day? I see a lot of mathematics happen, but only a few things in logic. When I inspect my own mind processes I see mostly assocations of memories at work, when I am left alone with no conversational partner. When i think on the color red for example, the color itself becomes an entity and instantly links are created in my mind and visual representations i linked entities emerge (fruits, flowers, blood, love, red rubber ducks, lemonade....)

This is see a very important in creating an complex AI, while this is for sure something for an advanced one with strong computation and memory demand because of the avalanche like interconnections happening.

But what i really asked for in my first post was: Where do I find actual algorithms for managing short and long term memory (creating databases with complexer costum datatypes) , doing logical decissions and processing written input streams in the needed kind of ways? Language is the point i want to start out as it is also a rewarding way of learning from the beginning: You just see if you did the right thing or if there is demand to develope something of your software "minds" further...

posted 6/12/2017  14:21Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Cody2017 wrote @ 6/12/2017 7:59:00 AM:
[...] I did read some research documents about how things are done currently, but what i miss there is associative "thinking". [...]

If you would like to see "associative thinking" in action, first you
download -- and then you download -- to rename as or to run in the Strawberry Perl 5 that you have downloaded.

 How the Mind Works

posted 6/14/2017  08:13Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Thanks AiHasBeenSolved!

But I want to go on with C++ as i promise myself that this language provides me with the largest freedom for ideas and experimenting with them.

AI stuff has currently overcomplex thinking in my eyes. Natures solutions are often very very simply, but the modelbuilding approach our invention goes is at start often not elegant.

Remember the first flying machines, where people thought the wing flapping of birds would provide them with lift, not the pressure difference below and above the wing, after which principle our modern aircraft function today.

So I imagine a rather thin function body of the program with a large associative database corpus which object/subject attributes AND some kind of experience systems of interactions. Humans have habits above all, which differ them from others or let them form habit groups on the other side.

But still dreaming about that further...

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