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Topic: Occham's Algorithm

posted 4/3/2017  06:04Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Many people are familiar with Occham's Razor: Simply put: The conclusion with the fewest leaps in logic is the most likely to be true. I thought that AI would work best if it followed Occham's Algorithm which I have laid out thus:

10 List all possible conclusions for a given topic.

20 List all possible logical "proofs" for each conclusion.

30 Calculate the assumptive amounts for each "proof".

40 Use least assumptive amount for each conclusion, if more than one exist.

50 Order conclusions from least assumptive to most assumptive.

60 Test conclusions warily, starting with the one deemed least assumptive.

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"Entia non sunt muliplicanda praeter necessitatem."

Latin for

"Beings are not to be multiplied outside of necessity."

 How the Mind Works
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