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Topic: The Automation of the “Technical” Part of Art: The Use of Artificial Intelligence in The Artistic Creation

posted 1/17/2017  13:36Send e-mail to userReply with quote
So, I wrote this text a while back ago talking about the impact that I think an artificial intelligence will have upon the artistic creation. It's quite a huge text, but I think it's worth to read, and I thought maybe some people here would be interested.

The text was not originally written in English, it was translated to it afterwards, so I apologize for any grammar mistake, or anything that might have got lost in translation.

But basically, I argue that with an AI, making art will get a lot easier. I mean, imagine if making an "Avatar" movie was as cheap as write a fanfic. Imagine if we have machines capable of dubbing movies in a new language, imagine if we have machine capable to convert any content to 8k, imagine if we have a machine capable of creating new episodes of ____ (insert here your most loved TV show that got canceled), and so on...

Imagine if we could "talk" to a computer and ask them to create a scene according to our desire?

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Somebody needs to take care of the AI.

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