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Topic: AGI Halo

posted 8/13/2016  19:54Send e-mail to userReply with quote
As for AGI , everything down into groups. The are all controlled by a part called the "Spark", and then there are the agents, little sub routines. The SPARK is the is the main judge of the system. It compares the performance of the agents. The Spark lets one agent out of sleep and records how well it does at getting reward for the body, as a whole. If a active agent does good it is replicated in free memory with a few mutations.

The 'SPARK" and agents first look at what is on the detectors and SPARK select the best agent. And the SPARK turn on and off agents like in a orchestra. As the system matures many agents will work in parallel.

This process is the the subconscious mind.

After a while one of the agent is converted to a copy of of SPARK. This new copy is then modified and is called the OFF SPARK. The conscious mind. It will take on the control of the agents too. But SPARK is still master of all.

OFF SPARK can activate agents. But it can organizes agents on a massive scale.

It will develop many routines. Many agents working in parallel.

Once theses massive agent swarm developed into perfected routine will become a reflex. And all reflexes will be given over to SPARK the subconscious part of this system. Stored for latter use.

If OFF SPARK needs to get over to a new areas to create new patterns, like working the slot machine for the first time, to develop new routines. it need automated subconscious process of walking over the that area. OFF SPARK starts the walking routine and hands off over to spark.

IF the craving for food becomes too strong then SPARK shuts down OFF SPARK. And then uses OFF SPARK routines to get food or what urgent goal that need to be taken care of.

If all urgent goals are taken care of then there will be free will because OFF SPARK will be in control. And SPARK will be push into helper mode.

The AGI has a internal pattern editor, that is only used by OFF SPARK. that cut up existing physical routines and tries to rebuild new and different routines. This is a trial and error generator. Once a editing procedure work and perfected it is handed over to Spark for storage. Off SPAK initiate a editing routines and then SPark take over.

This editing of patterns will lead to a internal 3D simulator.

SO OFF SPARK make new physical routines and new pattern editing routines. And all this is done on the backs of automated perfected routine of old.

posted 8/17/2016  08:32Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Are u talking about a hive mind - where he has lots of little travellers in separate bodies - and they all gang up their mutations?

That would work! but you cant have more than one body in a single robot, so its not that easy.

posted 8/21/2016  18:47Send e-mail to userReply with quote
AGI is up for discussion at Hacker News. is the latest Robot AGI free source code in WIn32Forth.

 Hacker News discussion of Ghost Perl Webserver Strong AI

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Facebook, Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft are starting an AI Partnership.

 Partnership on AI to Benefit People and Society
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