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Topic: Human Glial Cells in mice would be Artificial Intelliegence too, right?

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I read a story a few years back about research into mice that made them smarter, according to maze tests and such. The researchers would inject baby mice with human glial cells, which, as the mouse grew older, would overtake the normal mouse glial cell growth.............making the mouse smarter.

The thing I read now that bothered me is the reason I never got to read up on advances on that story is that the research ended up being stopped based on ethical concerns. Secret of NIMH scared everyone, I guess.

A mouse is limited to being within a mouse body. If in a fantasy, you gave it human like intelligence, it would still be limited to that scale. If you gave a machine a human like intelligence, and limited to what technology can give it would be .........yet laws have been made to limit the mouse.

It is already allowed to implant electrical nodes into the brains of animals to control their physical movements for their entire lives.

Here is a way to bring a higher level of intelligence into testable monkeys. Think of Koko the monkey, "Reports state that Koko understands approximately 2,000 words of spoken English, in addition to the signs.""it is generally accepted that she does not use syntax or grammar, and that her use of language does not exceed that of a young human child" (quote from wiki)

Just imagine the results made from a bunch of Koko's that had gone through this process. That the fact that the mice brain and that monkey brain might be different enough that it wouldn't result in only a 4x increase in performance in tests. It could be larger, it could even result in a stronger ability for monkeys to teach other monkeys that had gone through the process.

Artificial Intelligence isn't limited to machines. It incorporates a lot of, biology, philosophy.......math.....and more.

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