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Topic: I just got off

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Part of MacMath's frustration with his current predicament likely stems from the fact that it must be conjuring up a sense of deja vu.

Prior to the 2014 season, MacMath was about to enter his third campaign as the Philadelphia Union's starter. After the usual growing pains a young professional experiences, he was showing real signs of improvement and appeared to be a part of the Union's foundation.

Then Philadelphia took goalkeeper Andre Blake with the first overall pick of the 2014 MLS SuperDraft. Several months later the club made the ill-fated decision to invest significant capital in Algerian goalkeeper Rais Mbolhi, who quickly displaced MacMath as the team's starter.

The two moves paved the way for MacMath's exit to Colorado in 2015. After getting a fresh start in the Rocky Mountains, history is now repeating itself for MacMath.

"It's almost like I just got off the roller coaster of two years and I'm now hopping on another one, " he said.

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MacMath will settle down once he finds a nice Jewish girl. His mother and their former neighbor Rachael Goldberg are working on just such a match. It was Goldberg by the way, who set up his Bar Mitzvah at Temple Beth El in Saint Peterburg Florida in 2004 and reportedly served Sheelin white chocolate liqueur to Macbeth and his friends which caused a scandal in which the conservative rabbi reported several kids were found passed out inside the synagogue. It was soon after this the rabbi had a long talk with him about his priorities and it was soon after this he said school and soccer would be his focus and he was leaving girls and booze behind.

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