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Topic: The 4th dimension is at our fingertips

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Time is the 4th dimension & time controls the third dimension, remember the computers of long ago that loaded programs with a cassette tape, recording & modifying, sampling & mixing thoughts using technologies like the Internet is participating in the 4th dimension, the system administration programs of the internet are always changing & evolving & the discrete mathamatics behind the system uses 4th dimensional geometry.

Dont be fearful of the 4th dimension, think of the 4th dimesion controlling the third dimension. Think of yourself as the creators of artificial intelligence & the robots & machines of the future.

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Time is not a dimension, it is different from dimensions.

Don't be fearful of the space without dimensions, where 3D is not inherent. But this is exactly what freaks out many. Yet exactly such space is there, in our minds. They cannot understand this, they even cannot imagine this, yet they want to solve the problem of consciousness.

Frenzy, i would say.

And happy holidays to all reasonable people.

Reasonable people are two kinds. These who are capable of dealing with such problems, and these who are not capable, and don't do that.

 Artificial Consciousness ADS-AC project
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bump lol~

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How To Enter The 4th Dimension . . .

You enter the 4th dimension when robotic machines are controlled by computer, if you control the computer or computers which control the robotic machines you are within the power of the 4th dimension because you have control over three dimensional space.

Because 1998 was the year (666x3) humanity is now entering the 4th dimension, are you ready with your trusty Emac text editor to take part in shaping three dimesnional space with your 4 dimensional apps.
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