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Topic: Arthur/Mentifex, I need clarification

posted 1/14/2004  20:18Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Can you please tell me how the PSI part of your theory (practice?) works?

posted 1/15/2004  05:50Reply with quote (click on link below :-) will explain a lot about the use of "PSI" in the AI4U textbook Mind-1.1 software.

In the Mentifex AI Mind, there are three layers of depth:

Surface: Sensory input channels, such as the auditory channel of acoustic input going into auditory memory.

Shallow: The network of lexical control-fibers for particular human languages spoken by the mind, such as English or French.

Deep Structure: The "Psi" level of pure concepts, not expressed in any particular language. When a Psi concept tries to assert or express itself as part of an idea to be vocalized in a sentence of natural language, the Psi concept activates the associated English lexical concept, which in turn activates an auditory engram for an expressive word in the auditory memory channel. is the Mind-1.1 software in which these activations automatically go up and down all three levels.

The AI4U textbook of artificial intelligence contains 34 pertinent diagrams in 34 chapters describing all 34 mind-modules.

Thank you for asking about the "PSI" area of the Mentifex AI. Oh, by the way, it is called "PSI" for a couple of reasons. One, a lot of people really love the term "Psi" and all that it connotes. Two, it is a short string of characters, where space is at a premium, i.e., in software source code. -Arthur

 Explanation of the "psi" variable in the AI4U textbook Mind-1.1 software

Mentifex (mindmaker)
posted 1/18/2004  16:35Reply with quote

NEWS FLASH from Arthur/Mentifex/mindmaker on actions pursuant to "AI Funding" -- (click on link below)
will briefly show that "mindmaker" (what "Mentifex" means in Latin)
has made a SourceForge AI project donation in January 2004, week 3.

Among the Comments submitted by contributers on 18.JAN.2004:
"AI4U: Mind-1.1 Programmer's Manual (AI textbook) royalties
proudly support the joone AI project." is AI4U.

Many thank$ to The Artificial Intelligence For-U-m (the AI4Um) at (q.v.).

 AI4U: Mind-1.1 Programmer's Manual (AI textbook) royalties proudly support the joone AI project.

posted 5/19/2012  00:18Send e-mail to userReply with quote
The history and background of Mentifex AI are in The Art of The Meme e-book.

 The Art of the Meme e-book about the genesis and dispora of Mentifex artificial intelligence

posted 5/21/2012  14:50Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Why have you bumped up an 8 year old thread with your spam? Can't a moderator delete this rubbish (and preferably your account, as every thread you post contains spam)

posted 6/25/2012  01:25Send e-mail to userReply with quote
The JavaScript AI Mind is now available in Russian.

 Dushka AI Mind thinks in Russian (with link to User Manual)

posted 6/27/2012  10:29Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Yet more spam I see. Is this place even moderated?

posted 7/1/2012  21:59Send e-mail to userReply with quote
JavaScript AI Mind thinks in English.

 JavaScript AI Mind thinks in English.

posted 12/24/2012  15:15Send e-mail to userReply with quote
One week ago there was a major artificial intelligence breakthrough (see link below) in the Mentifex AI project. As a result, the Mentifex artificial Minds in English (MindForth and AiMind.html); German (Wotan Supercomputer AI); and Russian (Dushka prototype AI in JavaScript) are becoming able to infer new ideas from combinations of old, previously known ideas. The AI Minds will now be able to learn at a rapid pace. The module asks a question when a user mentions a new noun like "athletes" in the plural: WHAT DO ATHLETES DO?" Perhaps the human user answers, "Athletes win prizes." Some time later, if a user says, "Bob is an athlete," the module might cause the module to ask the yes-or-no question "DOES BOB WIN PRIZES?" Over time (and these AI Minds live forever :-) a super-intelligent AI Mind can gradually learn all that human beings know and go far beyond any knowledge base (KB) available to human beings. Then Wotan Supercomputer AI may say in German: "Allwissend bin ich nicht, doch viel ist mir bewusst."

 Mentifex AI Breakthrough: Machine Reasoning with Inference

posted 8/17/2013  17:20Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Mentifex AI is going mainstream by dint of entering into the scientific literature for artificial intelligence. Below is a link to the Natural Language Generation (NLG) Systems Wiki and its Table of NLG systems, where the academic AI community may discover the various mentifex-class AI systems in English, German and Russian. Consider writing your computer science Ph.D. dissertation on some aspect of Mentifex AI, so that you will become the world's leading authority on your chosen Ph.D. topic and your dissertation may be published in e-book or print-book format. Lim --> ***

 Table of NLG (Natural Language Generation) Systems

posted 8/28/2013  19:47Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Reddit is the front page of the Internet, with about three thousand subreddits such as the new mentifex AI page on the Far Side, Gary, of the link below.

 Visit the front page of the Internet and the mentifex subreddit.

posted 9/16/2013  19:45Send e-mail to userReply with quote
In the fiction e-book "Singularity" in the commencing "Psyborg" series, Mentifex AI Minds secretly trigger the Technological Singularity.

 Singularity (first in Psyborg series eBook) [Kindle First Edition]

posted 11/28/2013  16:56Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Win your place in AI history! Be the first to review the new e-book "Artificial Intelligence in German".

AI-in-German at Amazon Brazil:

AI-in-German at Amazon Canada:

AI-in-German at Amazon France:

AI-in-German at Amazon Germany:

AI-in-German at Amazon India:

AI-in-German at Amazon Italy:

AI-in-German at Amazon Japan:

AI-in-German at Amazon Mexico:

AI-in-German at Amazon Spain:

AI-in-German at Amazon United Kingdom

AI-in-German at Amazon USA:

 Artificial Intelligence in German

posted 3/20/2015  09:00Send e-mail to userReply with quote
By a total fluke Mentifex participates in a Husky Robotics video on 7 March 2015.

Mentifex is seen at frame 2:42 in a group of four people:
back of a head; Mentifex; part of a face; back of a head.
Mentifex is seen holding "WIRED" Magazine at a slant.

 Video of Strong AI coder and author Mentifex on 7mar2015 with Husky Robotics team

posted 3/20/2015  15:02Send e-mail to userReply with quote
Homil Arthur, nonci chis da, dorpha nonci!

Or should it be "Nonci chia da"? Arthur knows more about languages, so should know. And you should smile more too, i can make you to smile when we meet, and i think we do.

 Wikipedia article about ADS-AC
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