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AI Challengeunknown_111010/2/2007   09:12
무-제-한..성/인/동/영/상.공-유-중수퍼맨01/10/2006   17:56
(최,대규,모)일.본.뽀.르.노.p.2.p 공,유,중껑유중012/29/2005   00:46
**공짜100% 뽀.르.노.동.영.상 *이나영011/28/2005   14:37
500기가! 1800여편이 넘는 풀무비 다운로드루마니아011/15/2005   04:35
성.인.무.제.한 자.료.공.유조아조아011/11/2005   22:55
(P.2.P)방.대.한.자.료.공.유 자.료.만.땅!겅유실011/5/2005   05:25
(최.대규.모)p.2.p*공*유*자*료*실-무제한 공유중~!!야무진011/3/2005   14:00
뽀.르.노.일.본.p.2.p.오.픈윤사모010/27/2005   01:51
ColorStacksDavid E. Dirkse112/23/2004   10:46
calculate the information gain from the tableviv011/13/2004   13:30
Help me please : (Ray Godfrey04/23/2003   14:51
Angry rant, pickup contestkaos0xff010/31/2002   05:13
LMC2 statusctrucza911/3/2002   08:36
Need Human Contact with Persoanlity RobotPatricia Corron010/1/2002   20:49
I need HELPDarknight09/26/2002   15:45
Test Gameskaos0xff19/28/2002   07:07
Ultimate AI Programming Team!VBD1110/14/2002   22:06
imitategame inputanon39/7/2002   13:42
OnSave and OnLoadpan29/15/2002   07:33
Using Genetic Algorithms to implement a Search EngineSatnam08/26/2002   11:15
Does Alphabet Order Matter?zyvex28/25/2002   05:24
LMC1 games for LMC2 trainingdodo78/8/2002   20:27
Executable games or how to compile .game files?Kyriakos Tsourapas37/29/2002   15:36
Short description of players and gamesDr. Simon Ronald56/22/2002   02:28
Typo in emilguest16/9/2002   18:29
Question for LMC1 Workshop participants.Charles Wright46/26/2002   01:24
LMC 1 ResultsCharles Wright66/6/2002   17:00
Game submissionyaki49/5/2002   15:08
questions about the LMCII protocolanonymous257/27/2002   10:46
LMC2 Noticeyaki05/31/2002   06:52
LMC2yaki25/28/2002   02:58
2nd LMC2 Committee meeting - 22 April 2002yaki25/22/2002   15:13
status of the LMC2?Dr. Simon Ronald14/20/2002   07:50
Scoring in the games...Irrelevant04/19/2002   14:23
First LMC committee meetingCurtis24/18/2002   06:24
What is the goal of the challenge?Lior Fainshil54/3/2002   20:17
AI random and humansergi33/23/2002   11:04
LMC Workshop summaryCurtis133/27/2002   11:18
LMC Workshopyaki43/24/2002   22:07
FOR NEW PEOPLE...galtworld24/19/2002   13:51
Project on 'Bots'farrukh_project02/27/2002   13:27
question about see5 and decision treesigor nastoski13/4/2002   18:10
Creative Learnerslodsw02/18/2002   12:16
Google Programming ContestLior Fainshil63/11/2002   21:57
LMC2 GoalsCharles Wright352/22/2002   10:25
LMC2 Call for ideas and involvementErez123/5/2002   08:02
Proposal - Release of the challenge games.Lior Fainshil42/9/2002   11:08
Proposal - A @rules channel.Nis Haller Baggesen71/29/2002   16:29
Proposal - Make each round independent of the ...Lior Fainshil72/4/2002   10:15
2-player games - yes or noLior Fainshil101/30/2002   04:20
For Furture Common Lisp PlayersWade Humeniuk01/25/2002   03:22
Proposal - @turn ChannelWade Humeniuk21/27/2002   13:49
Proposal - Game selection guidelines 1Lior Fainshil172/1/2002   10:56
Determining the rules of future competitionsLior Fainshil31/24/2002   13:17
Proposal - @answer channelLior Fainshil191/30/2002   22:20
The selection of the challenge gamesLior Fainshil01/22/2002   20:06
Thank YouDror Kessler01/22/2002   07:51
A critique of game 6Nis Haller Baggesen21/20/2002   15:41
official announcement of LMC resultsyaki71/21/2002   09:19
A new competitionNis Haller Baggesen211/23/2002   21:06
The competition gamesNis Haller Baggesen31/17/2002   13:55
LMC Game 6 Results ReleasedDror Kessler11/20/2002   09:27
Help me to find a game tournament ...Sergi01/14/2002   16:11
LMC Game 4 Results Released Dror Kessler11/10/2002   21:14
Results schedule?Curtis Huttenhower41/4/2002   10:00
LMC Game 3 Results ReleasedDror Kessler11/8/2002   20:43
Missing in ActionKen Samuel012/31/2001   19:29
LMC Game 2 Results ReleasedDror Kessler41/4/2002   16:03
I think that the first game is flawedLior Fainshil381/21/2002   23:53
LMC Game 1 Results ReleasedDror Kessler2012/31/2001   12:39
To all LMC participants and followers of the ...yaki1512/28/2001   21:17
Any news from the competition?Lior Fainshil012/24/2001   19:50
Scoring RulesLior Fainshil212/25/2001   18:12
Release of the new judgeLior Fainshil112/22/2001   00:53
This is COOOL!!Anon112/20/2001   19:17
ContestWondering1112/20/2001   14:14
Tension between learning and doinglodsw912/7/2001   13:46
I think you might be interested in thisDonald Dixon83/10/2004   17:04
Scoring InconsistenciesLior Fainshil104/19/2002   14:17
The Learning Machine Web is UP!Dror Kessler411/16/2001   06:34
Sanity League, ProgressDror Kessler311/25/2001   07:18
TCLTKSanjeev Bhatt25/5/2003   14:41
The Learning Machine WebDror Kessler63/29/2002   18:01
5/11 Weekly Challenge Game PlanDror Kessler011/5/2001   08:17
Judge programsanjeevb311/12/2001   09:53
Submission Verification ListDror Kessler2011/5/2001   16:51
Challenge Submission ClosedDror Kessler611/1/2001   05:04
Will there be anotherJonathan Roewen311/1/2001   22:24
Quick questionKAOS310/31/2001   04:44
Looking forward to the clash...Marius1612/21/2001   13:13
Scripting Languagesdvs110/28/2001   19:30
Efficiency issuesKen Samuel110/27/2001   18:34
Swapping bots (binary, windows) ..Brask111/2/2001   20:09
Ai LMC Support In This ForumDror Kessler1010/29/2001   05:07
Discussion about Learning Machine Challenge?Burkart Venzke010/24/2001   08:15
History of AI programsScott Jensen010/21/2001   16:05
AI Learning Challenge Methods and MadnessDr. Simon Ronald310/15/2001   08:53
Real WorldArtist52/11/2002   16:39
HAL in the Learning ChallengeCharles Wright19/28/2001   21:06
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