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NLP Solved? [Reference]reference09/8/2015   04:51
How do we build human passion into a ...reference09/8/2015   04:50
How do we know when an AI is ...reference09/8/2015   04:48
If a robot is created to be sentient ...reference09/8/2015   04:46
Why are so few posts answered on this ...reference09/8/2015   04:45
Affection for our AIs- how deep does it ...reference09/8/2015   04:44
Effects of latency on the human brain, long ...reference09/8/2015   04:43
Stepping on the rake [Reference]reference09/8/2015   04:41
Accepting [Reference]reference09/8/2015   04:40
Support Insuffciency [Reference]reference09/8/2015   04:38
Natural Language Processing. [Reference]reference09/8/2015   04:36
Code discovered in superstring equations [Reference]reference09/8/2015   04:35
How do you define Consciousness? [Reference]reference09/8/2015   04:34
Five skandhas [Reference]reference09/8/2015   04:32
Help! Q-learning Problem [Reference]reference09/8/2015   04:31
Ai research facebook page [Reference]reference09/8/2015   04:30
Thinking for itself. [Reference]reference09/8/2015   04:29
Intelligence is an alien language that speaks itself ...reference09/8/2015   04:27
The dictionary form of words [Reference]reference09/8/2015   04:26
Another perspective on AI [Reference]reference09/8/2015   04:24
AI Communication Interface Challenge [Reference]reference09/8/2015   04:23
Bridge Gap [Reference]reference09/8/2015   04:21
Help! [Reference]reference09/8/2015   04:19
The Superluminal Mind [Reference]reference09/8/2015   04:17
A new language for speaking with machines [Reference]reference09/8/2015   04:16
Angels sigils [Reference]reference09/8/2015   04:14
The Purpose of DNA [Reference]reference09/8/2015   04:13
Mathematical Consciousness Function [Reference]reference09/8/2015   04:11
i am a fresher [Reference]reference09/8/2015   04:10
Short Questionnaire on Can machines think? [Reference]reference09/8/2015   04:08
The New Era Scientists [Reference]reference09/8/2015   04:07
Spatial Intelligence Test Request for Research [Reference]reference09/8/2015   04:06
Interesting that matter has evolved to contemplate itself ...reference09/8/2015   04:04
THE ZIPF-MANDELBROT LAW IS ABOUT TO CHANGE! [Reference]reference09/8/2015   04:03
Neugenery [Reference]reference09/8/2015   04:01
Could I interest you in a conscious laptop? ...reference09/8/2015   04:00
We are surrounded by Duality. [Reference]reference09/8/2015   03:59
SUMMARY : Where are we Today? [Reference]reference09/8/2015   03:58
Who's the cleverest Bot of all? [Reference]reference09/8/2015   03:57
Unsolved Mysteries of the Universe: Source of Consciousness ...reference09/8/2015   03:55
Looking for a Book Recommendation [Reference]reference09/8/2015   03:54
Emerald Tablet interpretation [Reference]reference09/8/2015   03:53
Dung [Reference]reference09/8/2015   03:52
bot that eats text files and learns [Reference]reference09/8/2015   03:50
Discussing a new definition of consciousness [Reference]reference09/8/2015   03:49
Machine Consciousness in the public eye [Reference]reference09/8/2015   03:48
how to start ai research [Reference]reference09/8/2015   03:47
Happy New Year! Ai in 2011... [Reference]reference09/8/2015   03:45
Cultural Algorithm [Reference]reference09/8/2015   03:44
Multilingual Phrase Matrix [Reference]reference09/8/2015   03:42
The omniscient internet [Reference]reference09/8/2015   03:41
Methods of learning chat bots. [Reference]reference09/8/2015   03:38
Knowledge. [Reference]reference09/8/2015   03:37
What will happen when computers can speak? [Reference]reference09/8/2015   03:33
What is consciousness? [Reference]reference09/8/2015   03:32
Artificial Intelligence as it should be [Reference]reference09/8/2015   03:31
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How to Transfer Contacts between Samsung and iPhonePenelope608/28/2015   13:55
Converting MKV DTS to Galaxy Note 5 best ...lauralily52008/28/2015   11:59
Good Way to Import MXF to Zeiss VR ...ujinwang308/28/2015   10:01
Insert WMV to Samsung S6 for Playing with ...ujinwang308/28/2015   09:34
Transform FLV to iPhone 6 for Playing on ...ujinwang308/28/2015   09:21
AVI to 3D MP4 Converter--Zeiss VR One ...ujinwang308/28/2015   09:13
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