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If a robot is created to be sentientSomeGuy23/28/2015   16:14
Why are so few posts answered on this ...thebuddha2010153/24/2015   10:22
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Affection for our AIs- how deep does it ...MaddieBlink62/21/2015   01:32
Effects of latency on the human brain, long ...arjepak1412/15/2015   22:32
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Stepping on the raketkorrovi211/7/2014   23:06
Nature Language Processing and Machine Learninghariatma1707/17/2014   11:07
Acceptingtkorrovi07/15/2014   19:06
Learn Chinesejessiejane072707/9/2014   11:13
Learn Chinesejessiejane072707/9/2014   11:13
Learn Chinese by Chinese idiomsjessiejane072707/9/2014   11:04
Learn Chinese by Chinese idiomsjessiejane072707/9/2014   11:03
Learn Chinese by Chinese idiomsjessiejane072707/9/2014   11:02
Iraq's first major honour jiexian06/18/2014   14:12
despite a new systemjiexian17/1/2014   02:29
Support InsuffciencychillyBen06/4/2014   22:28
Natural Language Processing.FutureWorldOrder05/25/2014   22:52
Code discovered in superstring equationstkorrovi03/9/2014   20:35
How do you define Consciousness?Devender Singh Rana412/19/2015   11:20
Five skandhastkorrovi71/10/2014   07:51
Help! Q-learning Problembinharoun_7011/14/2013   11:47
Ai research facebook pageGZgamer56810/25/2013   19:26
Thinking for itself.GZgamer5681/9/2014   13:42
Intelligence is an alien language that speaks itselfBen.F.Rayfield05/29/2013   18:33
The dictionary form of wordsMVC05/23/2013   18:14
Another perspective on AIYesserLab11/9/2014   15:32
AI Communication Interface Challengeasic_designer32/6/2013   20:58
Existor.comshashwat bhushan011/5/2012   00:17
Bridge Gapshashwat bhushan111/2/2012   16:25
Help!Vishal059247/2/2013   16:54
The Superluminal MindKurtus Maxumus811/24/2012   17:54
A new language for speaking with machinessteyr141/9/2014   14:55
Angels sigilstkorrovi09/1/2012   21:29
The Purpose of DNAtkorrovi08/10/2012   03:25
Mathematical Consciousness Functionronfife@ronfife.com612/1/2013   21:16
i am a fresherdbfnr44/26/2012   14:56
Short Questionnaire on Can machines think?xuewong50124/12/2012   23:31
The New Era Scientiststkorrovi49/2/2012   10:10
Spatial Intelligence Test Request for Researchskeletonboy12/19/2012   21:43
Interesting that matter has evolved to contemplate itself3decimal141539/2/2012   18:28
ConceptBase Vs DataBaseA. Giorgi01/20/2012   15:13
THE ZIPF-MANDELBROT LAW IS ABOUT TO CHANGE!neugenery01/17/2012   22:34
Neugeneryneugenery21/17/2012   16:17
Could I interest you in a conscious laptop?HandingOverControl51/15/2012   22:20
We are surrounded by Duality.socrat211/15/2011   14:43
SUMMARY : Where are we Today?Humans R Algorithms31/18/2012   19:22
Who's the cleverest Bot of all?Humans R Algorithms210/29/2011   22:14
Unsolved Mysteries of the Universe: Source of Consciousnesssocrat510/13/2011   10:34
Looking for a Book RecommendationAeonitis47/25/2013   14:59
Emerald Tablet interpretationtkorrovi89/11/2012   02:46
Dungtkorrovi911/3/2011   07:55
bot that eats text files and learnstrashcan.sean@gmail.com15/19/2011   18:46
Discussing a new definition of consciousnesstrlstanc912/26/2014   13:33
Machine Consciousness in the public eyetentotheminus914/6/2011   19:35
how to start ai researchjalood13/26/2011   03:57
Happy New Year! Ai in 2011...lordjakian315/29/2011   21:09
Cultural Algorithmsuddin19/9/2012   01:32
El Dinero en tus Manos con Coastal Vacationsnegociosvm4111/19/2010   15:33
Multilingual Phrase Matrixnlplab011/16/2010   17:31
The omniscient internetawwware310/13/2011   18:15
Corpus: Chinese Short Message Servicenlplab010/14/2010   10:43
Neutral NetworksD-Technodude07/26/2010   05:34
Methods of learning chat bots.D-Technodude211/22/2010   05:28
Knowledge.olivermcphee07/13/2010   19:16
NN and OCRlittle_fox37/5/2010   23:52
unpublished keystroke dynamics algorithmsaintmike16/17/2010   23:44
Aplications using GA or NNlittle_fox06/17/2010   07:50
Language alters how we thinkyaki510/19/2010   02:59
About artificial general intelligencefasisi237/12/2010   00:34
conciousness, is it needed?toborman96/18/2010   09:55
Brain physicstkorrovi193/18/2015   16:43
language acquisition processtoborman04/28/2010   12:06
Physiology of sensebody104185/6/2010   04:30
Go To China! Study Chinese!ymstudy04/13/2010   10:12
Automatic Candidate Selection For RecruitmentBushra 03/29/2010   20:43
"Intelligence is Self Teaching" Nature, AI, and AyahuascaDreams of Demetrius118/20/2014   09:48
Concepts, Collocations Azúrlovag65/5/2010   02:32
Newborn Babies Cry in Native Tongueyaki212/21/2009   10:47
An underdevoloped, but promising voice recognition setup.lrh908/18/2009   22:31
Consciousness Does it exist at all?Nerketur433/16/2015   16:35
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