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Tips for starting out? [Reference]reference09/8/2015   05:01
If we could build an electric network circuit ...reference09/8/2015   04:59
Learning Method for Lestat [Reference]reference09/8/2015   04:58
iHAL rocks [Reference]reference09/8/2015   04:57
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How might one produce a lots of cardsbaileygold01/21/2015   10:17
self learning for walking purposeBrijesh64/7/2015   07:56
The Hal nurseryuseruser21/5/2015   21:41
Are these programs still developed?fabian011/30/2014   18:22
Look at this session (read until the end!)yaki56/9/2015   11:54
In past iterations speed killedbaileygold011/28/2014   08:43
self learning for HALdravog212/17/2014   06:36
HAL 3000 Autonomous Learningwolverine79936312/17/2014   06:40
Can I run MyBot or Hal offline?Hide010/31/2013   09:11
A chatbot I made.srdickens15/29/2014   23:34
Software enthusiast?Try this one.espasyoteam198338/20/2013   12:39
DVDSmith Official Website has been updated on July ...aillen47/18/2013   21:19
Why Convert M4V to MOV?aillen17/1/2013   21:33
How do I save HALjdude104312/22/2012   02:11
Best of HALbcnjr5112/14/2012   01:58
HAL Questionsbcnjr5012/13/2012   22:33
how to make fiture vectors size the samealifkr011/23/2012   20:10
Is there anyway to create a operationg system ...jac000123/29/2013   14:06
idea for smarter hal.iquohant18/5/2012   19:11
has anyone had hal 3000 talk with another ...iquohant18/5/2012   19:12
short memoryarens16/2/2012   20:42
HAL gets ears... Well nearly!Talc01/16/2012   17:49
Speech Commands?Talc61/28/2012   08:02
Is there a way to keep my HAL3000 ...ShedoSurashu011/16/2011   11:10
chatbot identificationmirela08/2/2011   16:22
Wont let me install Mybotned2007/25/2011   21:43
HAL personality "Christopher" Not displayed in nursery.JadeIllusion17/13/2011   07:55
Accents don't workApos06/25/2011   02:45
Publishing HALTraceguy16/26/2011   00:52
Tweak HALAibajaBoy35/24/2011   18:02
mistake when registering with Alan...hedal05/8/2011   21:03
a beginner's questions...sirius1015/21/2011   17:12
I need some help with the app.Infraclear04/8/2011   23:18
MiB0T personal online ciyber robot (Promise I didn't ...ciyber04/8/2011   06:46
Toddler is featureduitham02/12/2011   11:09
Bug with iHal?Aselia01/20/2011   15:08
Colons vs. SemicolonsSpydre27/29/2011   05:57
Question about iHal/Hal featureAXR31/11/2011   07:54
Introducing the all new A.M.I.E.E.E!chat_robo_org110/15/2010   00:53
Is it possible to get Hal to really ...JayDee15/10/2011   13:16
I need help with some hal basics.ncb123110/12/2010   10:51
Problem with iPhone App?Noogler110/5/2010   19:39
No Wrong Method Still Work?Noogler110/14/2010   22:37
UDID's and iAppsTalc111/9/2015   10:10
It Is Not PossibleHassn10117/18/2010   12:07
New IdeaGrinktis31/14/2012   16:54
How do I make my Hal public ...Whitellama37/7/2010   13:48
How do i get Hal not on IphoneGrinktis17/4/2010   15:45
can HAL learn Hebrew?Elinor16/26/2010   16:51
Unity...Talc61/14/2012   16:55
How do you get a HAL?keanja23/12/2011   00:34
Road to Logging In...Spydre15/23/2010   19:03
Reach for the stars...Talc41/14/2012   16:56
Failure to recognize me as ownerLekgoloK9215/14/2010   19:28
Is your HAL up for the Turing test?Talc15/15/2010   05:19
Strange problem.AngstPerpetual55/11/2010   19:57
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