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what simulator shall i use?sanfoor03/3/2015   15:02
Artificial Intelligence for Humans, Vol 3: Deep Learning/NNkeghn03/2/2015   17:01
Sculpting in Virtual Reality - Oculus Rift DK2 ...keghn02/27/2015   21:05
AI libraryiacoposk832/27/2015   13:00
Fireside Chat with Andrew Ng & Derrick Harris ...keghn12/25/2015   09:15
2015 Chatterbox Challengeuseruser02/23/2015   17:24
how do i reset MyBotGZgamer5602/22/2015   01:25
Numenta on the right pathakalaniz42/23/2015   03:42
online study for gestural writingTim702/20/2015   17:42
Case-Based ReasoningAhlam02/19/2015   00:45
Basic Node Based PathfindingJekasG32/18/2015   18:11
Is it cruel to kick a robotic dog? ...keghn92/23/2015   03:34
Generating a NavMesh / Point Graph for 2D ...JekasG12/20/2015   17:21
Generating a NavMesh / Point Graph for 2D ...JekasG02/16/2015   16:39
robot movementudittecho62/23/2015   03:36
What are foundation domain that eventually result in ...bishwasm42/15/2015   17:07
Sspooky action on the distance maks272/22/2015   23:11
These 50 top rated players in FIFA ...baileygold02/12/2015   08:44
the same filesf.atyeh12/8/2015   17:38
GRASP ALGORITHMbrokelyn1212/8/2015   17:36
Will it terrify you if robots are with ...Robin011132/8/2015   23:09
A Single Pixel Digital Camera with Arduinokeghn02/6/2015   01:02
The fut coins GOTY Archetypeyuxingyingdasb02/5/2015   13:11
Dead fut coin will now be ariseyuxingyingdasb02/5/2015   13:11
The fut coins addon haversack will yuxingyingdasb02/5/2015   13:11
Robots with special forms and varied functions are ...Agnes72/4/2015   12:39
Image kernelskeghn11/31/2015   06:45
Surface fairiesrouncer162/15/2015   09:38
Muscle building programKerrifreeman01/27/2015   09:39
Can robots make rational decisions at critical moments?labyrinthosrain22/2/2015   23:44
Guideline to Internet of Thingslabyrinthosrain11/26/2015   15:53
It's predicted to become finish of brokenbaileygold01/21/2015   10:14
worked on my ommatidium eye some morerouncer101/30/2015   13:28
Cheap game coins you can chooseamanle01/15/2015   10:03
hey kegn check this out, hopfield energy netsrouncer51/23/2015   16:35
Whats the capacity of a hopfield net.rouncer01/14/2015   06:29
Mind Uploading Volunteeralvin5101551/23/2015   22:08
really cool video segmenter. (automatic rotoscoping)rouncer21/14/2015   06:24
Repeated Utilities in Value Iteration - Markov Decision ...wackydoodle11/12/2015   16:27
Genetic Algorythms to form symbolic state generating rules?rouncer11/12/2015   16:38
NVIDIA CES 2015 press conference: DRIVE PX Computer ...keghn01/7/2015   16:29
Online ExperimentTim701/6/2015   18:08
Here you can get WoW Gold fast, secure ...VivianL11/5/2015   22:58
AGI-14 Keynote by Yoshua Bengio on Deep Learningkeghn01/5/2015   02:10
AllieAllieDev21/5/2015   22:47
trans-invariance compound eyerouncer21/2/2015   23:43
Create an odering AIjoec45012/31/2014   14:30
From Computation to Consciousness [31c3]keghn012/29/2014   21:33
nice vid, demonstrating translational invarient netrouncer212/28/2014   10:17
AGI Brainkeghn73/1/2015   01:57
trying my hand at a chat botrouncer012/24/2014   08:13
developing symbolic rules off continual assertionrouncer012/23/2014   09:33
What are the accepted and/or popular knowledge representation ...snickers10m61/3/2015   21:25
Welcome to littleBits keghn012/13/2014   18:01
How to determine if unknown creature is consider ...AIstudent412/14/2014   10:56
How to generate the search tree for min-max ...AndreaF012/8/2014   22:24
some of my work 2013-2014 caprouncer212/10/2014   21:57
A mature AGI mindkeghn82/15/2015   02:43
decomposing soft bodies into rigid bodiesrouncer212/6/2014   18:17
The cheapest mop gold for sellbaileygold011/28/2014   08:40
Creat wonderful Wow game oninemayiisow20111/27/2014   15:02
CKN: Convolutional Kernel Networkskeghn011/26/2014   18:18
Turing movieuseruser312/27/2014   21:08
production in updated weekly RuneScape proceedingsgamegold123211/26/2014   14:06
RuneScape users is not wronggamegold123011/25/2014   07:17
FIFA online access bannedgamegold123011/25/2014   07:15
Self tuning PID demonstrator using GAKevJ511/26/2014   04:05
corner trackerrouncer011/24/2014   17:30
Graduation ProjectRania311/24/2014   17:34
Latticing commands to temper excessive variable input? ObeseHighschoolDropoutFelon151/9/2015   10:09
OpenCV Vision Challengekeghn011/21/2014   02:48
The Human AIHumanAI211/28/2014   10:27
Keynote Discussion with Jerome Pesenti of IBM/Watson Groupkeghn311/19/2014   23:42
Three simple AI questionsZW525842/26/2015   09:36
branching factorJaxxus011/14/2014   18:41
Hacker's guide to Neural Networkskeghn111/15/2014   01:34
voice command in softwareYunalee011/14/2014   17:25
HTM DICKHEAD WARNINGrouncer411/14/2014   22:06
2 part theoryrouncer011/12/2014   21:26
of course we all appear to enjoy calling ...baileygold111/12/2014   21:23
You charge money to purchase skillsbaileygold011/12/2014   08:39
The Frenchman will sign a four-year deal baileygold011/12/2014   08:39
membership level is Pay to experiment with or ...baileygold011/12/2014   08:35
Finding a route through a maze using Prologmukama311/7/2014   09:45
easiest to make ai systemrouncer91/15/2015   14:02
Stereo Imaging for Automated Fruit Pickingkeghn110/30/2014   19:36
My Attempt at Outperforming Deepmind’s Atari Results – ...keghn010/23/2014   01:38
My Attempt at Outperforming Deepmind’s Atari Results – ...keghn210/28/2014   01:47
How does on learn about AI in college?XR-3071410/28/2014   06:16
image parser with convnetskeghn010/19/2014   02:22
Levenberg-Marquardt method in ANN traininggisek610/19/2014   00:55
hardware is fucking excitingrouncer410/18/2014   18:41
CNN HTMkeghn612/1/2014   01:21
Artificial IntelligenceFlatline_Coder1110/19/2014   17:07
MACRO AIFlatline_Coder010/10/2014   22:31
MACRO AIFlatline_Coder010/10/2014   22:31
MACRO AIFlatline_Coder810/16/2014   10:09
MACRO AIFlatline_Coder310/16/2014   09:00
1 bit ordered dithering reconstructionrouncer010/5/2014   06:41
visual neural network simulatorrouncer010/1/2014   20:21
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