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What is Artificial Intelligence? What are the thoughts of thinking machines? Will we ever say that a machine is "thinking?"

Discuss HAL's constantly-improving learning algorithm, exchange training ideas and comment on published HAL-personalities.
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Latticing commands to temper excessive variable ...11/21/2014
I think a lot of the narrative in AI is way excessively geared towards input ...
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Look at this session (read until ...11/28/2014
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Is Alan the best chatbot in the world? Discuss Alan's performance compared to other bots out there.

Can you read this? Of course you can - but how? The questions of language, mind and consciousness have puzzled thinkers for thousands of years.
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I just wanted to do a ...11/26/2009
I was wondering how many women and men have changed the sex of their bot to ...
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How do we know when an ...4/10/2015
It is just a question in my mind : Where is this limit ? How can we ...
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